Breathe, Focus, Adventures, Experimental

The title sums up what this blog post is about but also what life is about to me.

I was lucky enough to go over to the Lake District last weekend. It was pure coincidence as I had been saying to my mother a few times, “let’s go to the Lake District for a short break” and next thing, my herbalist (who, by the way is amazing!), tells me she is moving up to the Lake District! So, a trip was organised for us to get away from it all and I could also see my herbalist at the same time.

Nature has always inspired me because it isn’t just an escapism from everyday life but it inspires me creatively. Breathing in the air, taking in the trees and flowers, feeling the cold air hit your cheeks in the autumn and winter seasons, just being in the surroundings inspires me. This trip was different as I have been finding it difficult to be creative, to know where to start, to know what to blog about and what to design plus dealing with everything else in life. I have been feeling drained and I was so excited to get away and re-energised myself. Life can bring its own challenges, dreams can move towards a different direction and this has halted my creativity. I have realised that I need to be able to channel this through my creative work sometimes in a different way and to go with the flow if my dreams have changed, don’t be hard on myself!

I tend to think of my to do list, what I need to do at work and home amongst everything else and, still try to focus on me. With this trip, I wanted to try a different way of being inspired by totally switching off to everyday life and purely focus on myself taking in the surroundings and taking quick snapshots of my adventure. Just think about myself, which most of us forget to do (and I forget about me most of the time!) and, just allowing my mind to be clear and refreshed.

Life is about being experimental and this is what I intend to focus on whenever I feel that fear of doing something different enters my mind and if my dreams move to a different direction. After all, life is about adapting to changes, having adventures and being experimental. This is what I have realised more after spending time on me.

After visiting the Lake District and my herbalist, I feel more focused and refreshed especially after drinking a couple cups of ‘tea of happiness’ courtesy of my herbalist! I will definitely be back in a few months time and I think I have found the place where I want to live! Lake Windermere is one of the most beautiful and inspiring places I have visited.

Ready for the next adventure!

Hope you enjoy a few of the photos I took. xxxx


Lakes at Ambleside = Bliss


A view of the hills alongside Lake Windermere


A view of the hills in Windermere after seeing my herbalist


View from hotel of the trees on the hills at Windermere


Sun hitting the Lake Windermere


3 thoughts on “Breathe, Focus, Adventures, Experimental

  1. I understand exactly what you’re saying. For me it’s
    looking at a horizon, preferably on the coast where the horizon is vast but a high vantage point works just as well. My brain switches to standby.

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